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Get complete control over how your web site is viewed with IP Delivery™

The IP Delivery line of products from Beyond Engineering allows web site owners a method of presenting the most appropriate page to the site visitor no matter who or what is requesting the page over the web. Most often this software is used to send an optimized version of a web page to a search engine, while at the same time presenting consumers an enhanced version of the same or similar page that is optimized to make sales. This technology will allow you to...

  • Optimize pages for search engines without compromising your web sites "looks" resulting in increased sales conversions.
  • Repel "Code-Jackers" who practice what the U.S. FTC calls "Pagejacking." IP Delivery can prevent your competitors from ripping off the optimized source code of your search engine pages. This system is 100% guaranteed to protect your source code from software designed to study your pages like Webposition Gold™, Web Bandit or other similar html analysis, doorway maker, and page grabbing tools.
  • Present specifically optimized pages for each major search engine. Now the same URL can score at each major engine, including your home page. By using the same URL, your link popularity can increase.
  • Get more traffic and generate increased sales because your prospects will no longer see sparse doorway "pointer" pages and "click here" links before they get to your main site. With this software, your visitors land on the appropriate page without need for redirects.
  • Need to replace a "half-baked" solution from another company that doesn't work or you've found that they didn't keep you up-to-date on the search engines IP addresses. Our systems work and numerous companies from Fortune 500 companies to kitchen table startups that are currently engaged in the "Search Engine Wars" use it for a tremendous "Unfair" advantage.
  • Test, optimize and improve your web pages for better sales without affecting your search engine positioning.


Search Engines Supported

All Yahoo Owned Engines
Ask Jeeves / Teoma
MSN (msnbot)

Our system is guaranteed non-stoppable and quick to serve the consumers the target page. This system when used properly is virtually undetectable.

New features include...

  • A new, 6-Stage browser detection system which speeds response time and adds security. The program reviews a number of server environment variables to make these decisions, without relying on the easy to "fake" USER_AGENT variable.
  • Fully reviewed, detailed IP address selection presents a unique page of your choice for each primary search engine robot listed in the chart above.
  • Capable of running one script per web server, no need for multiple copies of the software on the same machine.
  • SSI include and EXEC statements supported inside protected pages (UNIX Servers)
  • UNIX versions support .txt, .html, .htm, .html, .css and .js file extensions. can even use it with your Robots.txt files! (NT requires .asp or .shtml extension)

If you don't know how to install a script...

We will help you get your system up and running... during the first month we will provide phone and unlimited email support if you have questions on installing the scripts or how to use them in special situations.

At your option, we can also install an example setup on your server to help you speed up your learning curve. If you're a do-it-yourselfer... we have very detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to install the script on both the UNIX and Microsoft Servers - complete with screen shots and instructions.

How many domains can I run it on?

As many domains as your company owns. The software is licensed to your company not your domain.

What do search engines think about this technology?

Search engine robots can't automatically tell if you're using this system or not... However, their human administrators don't like spam, and they really hate it if you use this or any other technology (including hidden text, javascript, html, etc.) to present misleading or irrelevant information to their users.

This is a powerful tool, just like a car, there is a right and wrong way to use it. When used responsibly you can effectively maximize your web site's ranking for each engine. If the pages that you present to the search engine with this tool are pages that you could submit without this tool, then you're not going to run into any problem. But if you build a page for an engine that wouldn't pass a search engine administrators manual review, don't expect this software to prevent them from taking appropriate actions. When used responsibly, IP Delivery is the most effective search engine promotion method available since 1996.

We'll help you keep your system up-to-date

Included is a FREE first year subscription to our Search Engine "IP Alert™" email notification service. Engines add addresses occasionally, don't be caught off guard!

We actively monitor the spider activities on over 300 different web sites indexed on major engines around the world. When we detect a new spider, you are notified right away so you can update your IP Delivery™ system. Each IP address is human reviewed prior to adding to your list. We do NOT use a fully automated system for updating your IP addresses, that would make the system too easy to trick. If you wish to automate the update process, we do have methods that are secure that you can use.

This investment is $995 USD, which includes the one full year of IP Alert™ service. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Company Checks (allow 7 days for checks to clear) and Wire Transfers. IP Alert service and support web site renewal fees are $100 per year.

The IP Delivery™ System is designed for UNIX web servers that have access to run Perl scripts and Server Side Includes (SSI). Check with your web host to make sure these services are available prior to purchase. If your web host doesn't allow these services, we can refer you to hosts that will.

Yes, we fully support Microsoft NT Servers

If you run a NT based server, we have an Active Server Page (.asp) version as well. With our software you don't have do all the work to install a cgi-bin or Perl on your NT server. If your web hosting provider has the Frontpage Extensions installed, then you're ready to go. Our .asp scripts work on NT Server 4.0 version. Check with your web host or system administrator to see if you have permission to run .asp (most do if you have the Frontpage Extensions installed). And last but not least, you get both the NT server version and the Unix version for the same price, you can run both on different web servers at the same time.

Note that most competing systems make you install Perl on your web server in order to use this technology on a NT server.

Get total control over your website today

Questions? Call us at 1-620-496-2682 or email

Note: This system is not to be used for presenting irrelevant, misleading or stolen pages to the search engines. Beyond Engineering reserves the right to cancel all product support and future updates without any monetary refund if you violate our terms of service or license.

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